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Fizzy Drinks

Soft Drinks $3.5

Coke, Coke No Sugar, Lemonade, Lemon Squash (Solo), Dry Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Tonic Water, Orange or Apple Juice

Lemon Lime Bitters $5


Hawker Drinks (Iced or Hot) $5

Teh Tarik, Milo, 'Sum Sum's Cham' (milo + coffee)

Ribena Lychee (Iced) $5

Longan & Grass Jelly (Iced) $5.5


Milo Godzilla w/ vanilla ice-cream $5.5


'Symmetry Coffee' House Blend  $4.5

Your choice of white / black coffee with full or skim milk.

Iced Latte $5

Hot Chocolate $4.5

TEAs by the pot

High quality fresh teas by Lupicia.

Sakurambo Vert $4.5

Fresh cherry flavour makes this quality Japanese tea even more appealing.

Momo Oolong $5.5

High quality Taiwanese oolong tea flavoured with fresh Japanese peaches.

Menghai Puer $4.5

Chinese puer tea produced in Yunnan province.

Sencha 'Matsuri' $4.5

Ideal for those who like a full-bodied green tea with a distinct matcha flavour.

English Breakfast $4.5

Classic black tea w/ the option of a dash of milk.



Beers $8

Asahi, Corona, Singha, Carlton Draught, Cascade Light

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale $9

Somersby Apple Cider $8.5


Sauvignon Blanc          g $8  / b $35

Chardonnay                 g $8.5  / b $35

Shiraz                           g $9.5  / b $38

Cabernet Sauvignon    g $9.5  / b $38

Spirits & Liqueurs

Bottom Shelf $8

Absolute Vodka, Johnny Walker Red, Jim Beam, Bundaberg Rum 

Middle Shelf $9

Tanqueray Gin, Kraken Spiced Rum

Top Shelf $9.5

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, 1800 Tequila, Pavan

Liquers $8.5

Midori, Chambord, Pimms, Kahlua, Choya Plum Wine


Pimms Cup Royale $14

Pimms liqueur, strawberries, cucumber, mint with some added fizz

Green Kimono $14

Midori, Choya plum wine & triple sec, something for all the Japanese slipper fans

Ackrite $14

'The Kraken' - dark rum, lime, ginger beer

Lycheetini $14

A marriage of vodka & lychee liqueur

Victoria's Secret $14

Vodka, chambord, triple sec, bluleberries and... maybe ask Vicky ;)

Woody 'Old Fashioned' $14

Woodford reserved bourbon whiskey makes this old fashioned - enjoy this one slowly

Mr. Miyagi's Mojito $14

Sake, Choya, mint & limes makes it light and goes well with a curry

Pavan Sangria - 4 drinks $27

Plenty of pavan grape liqueur, summer berries & soda in a 1 litre jug

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