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Spicy Squid Skewers (2pcs) $9.5

w/ chilli mayo

Kataffi Prawns (3pcs) $9.5

Large prawns wrapped in kataffi strands, lightly fried & served w/ sweet chilli herb sauce

Satay (4pcs) $9.5 GF option available

Grilled chicken skewers w/ p.nut sauce

Eggplant Chips (5pcs) $9.5

Crispy eggplant wedges w/ sweet chilli mayo

Junior Burger $8

'Penang' mini grilled caramelised pork jerky in a mini brioche bun

Crab Ballz (3pcs) $9.9

Crumbed Surimi Crab Claws

Vegetable Spring Rolls (5pcs) $9 Vegan option available

w/ sweet chilli sauce

San Choy Bao $8

Cured Chinese sausage, minced pork & diced root veg bundled in a fresh lettuce cup & drizzled w/ house blend hoi sin sauce

Junior Fried Chicken - JFC (5pcs) $8.5

Junior's secret herbs & spiced marinated fried chicky mayo

Belachan Chick-a-wings (3pcs) $10.5

Snap fried wings marinated in shrimp paste

Soft Shell Crab Burger $8.5

Fried soft shell crab in a mini brioche bun

Pork & Chive Dumplings (5pcs) $9.9 GF option available

Pan fried

Vegetable Dumplings (5pcs) $9.9 GF option available

Pan fried                                        Vegan option available

Chicken Curry Puffs (2pcs) $9.5


Kung Pao Chicken $22

Stir-fried w/ ginger, dry chilli, onion & capsicum

Sweet & Sour Chicken $22

Oldie but a goodie!

Black Pepper Beef $23.5

Stir-fried w/ fresh peppers & onions

Mongolian Beef $23.5

Stir-fried w/ sweet peppers, onions & carrots

Ginger Beef $23.5 GF option available

Stir-fried in a ginger, spring onion & oyster sauce

Salt & Pepper Squid $24

Wok tossed with diced sweet pepper, onion & chilli

Salted Egg Chicken Ribs $25

Something Malaysians & Singaporeas can't get enough of!

Chilli Prawns $28

Tangy 'Singapore' egg blend chilli sauce

Nestum Prawns $28

Wok tossed in fragrant crispy outs & curry leaves

Hakka Braised Pork Belly $24

Slow cooked w/ cloud ear black fungus & pickled vegetables - Because mum's Hakka

King Doo Pork $24

Pork cutlets wok tossed in Peking Sauce

Beef Rendang $24 GF option available

Curry Chicken $22 GF option available

Vegetable Curry $22 GF & Vegan option available

Okra, eggplant, green beans & tofu

Nonya Fish $25 GF option available

Rockling fillets cooked in a classical Malaysian style curry paste

Gado Gado $22 GF & Vegan option available

Seasonal vegetables, beancured & boiled egg, dressed w/ p.nut sauce

Kungkong (seasonal) $22 Vegan option available

A.k.a. 'water spinach' sauteed w/ either spicy shrimp paste or light garlic

Sambal okra (seasonal) $22

Sambal Eggplant & Green Beans $22

Stir Fried Vegetables $22 GF & Vegan option available


Curry Laksa GF option available

'Hokkien' noodles, rice vermicelli, tofu puffs & seasonal greens in a fragrant curry broth

  Vegetables $16.9

  Chicken $16.9

  Seafood $17.9

Har Mee $17.9 spicy!

Egg noodles, rice vermicelli, w/ prawns, bean shoots & spinach in a spicy prawn broth

Char Kuay Teow $17.9

Rice noodles wok tossed w/ Chinese sausage, seafood, chives, bean shoots & egg

Crispy Noodles

Crispy 'yee mee' noodles & greens covered w/ silky egg blend gravy

  Beef $17.5

  Seafood $17.9

Wah Tan Hor

Wok seared rice noodles & greens covered w/ silky egg blend gravy

  Beef $17.5

  Seafood $17.9

Spicy Dry Beef Hor Fun $17.5

With spring onions & ginger

Hokkien Mee $17.9

'Hokkien' noodles w/ pork & seafood wok tossed in dark soy gravy

Singapore Noodles GF & Vegan option available

Rice vermicelli w/ chillies, onions & egg

  Vegetables $16.9

  Chicken $16.9

  Seafood $17.9

Black Pepper Beef $17.5

In Hokkien noodles

Mee Goreng

Egg noodles, wok tossed in spicy tomato paste

  Vegetables $16.9

  Chicken $16.9

  Seafood $17.9

Mee Soto Ayam $15.9

Chicken broth with herbs, spices & coconut milk


Nasi Goreng

Malaysian spicy fried rice w/ ikan bilis & egg

  Vegetables $16.9

  Chicken $16.9

  Seafood $17.9

Crispy Skin Chicken Rice $16.9

Lightly spiced crispy maryland w/ fragrant chicken rice & ginger chilli sauce

Hainanese Chicken Rice $16.9

Poached chicken w/ chicken rice & ginger chilli sauce

Fried Rice GF & Vegan option available

The classic

  Vegetables $16.9

  Chicken $16.9

  Seafood $17.9

Nasi Lemak $17.9 GF option available

Coconut rice, sambal bilis, achar veg, p.nuts, boiled egg w/ your choice of chicken curry or beef rendang


Roti & Curry (2pcs) $16.9

Flaky flat bread w/ your choice of chicken curry or beef rendang

Murtabak $16.9

Asian 'roti toastie' filled w/ mince lamb, potatoes & onions served w/ a curry dip

'Malaysian' Ramly Burger $17.9

Street burger w/ seasoned chicken patty, BBQ sauce, mayo, chilli sauce, wrapped in a fried egg served w/ chips


Bento Boxes $16.9

W/ salad, spring rolls & dessert. Your choice of

  Fried Chicken Fillets w/ chips

  Junior Burger w/ chips

  Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ rice

  Mini Fried Rice GF option available


Jasmine Rice     S $16.9  /  L $16.9

Coconut Rice     $16.9  $16.9

Roti (2pcs) $6.5

Roti w/ sauce (2pcs) $8.9 Vegan option available

Curry or p.nut sauce

Peanut Sauce $4

Achar $4.5

Pickled vegetable salad

Beer Battered Chips $7.5


Pandan Crepes $9.5

Coconut, palm sugar w/ vanilla ice cream

Sticky Date Pudding $9.5

Butterscotch w/ vanilla ice cream

Banana Fritters $9.5

w/ vanilla ice cream

Sago Pudding $9.5 GF option available

w/ mango ice cream

Green Tea Ice-Cream $7

Black Sesame Ice-Cream $7

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